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Wall Sawing, when do you need it?

Concrete Cutting and wall sawing is often necessary during construction projects for home or commercial buildings. Essentially this is the process of controlled sawing and core drilling in a large slab of concrete usually completed by professionals, such as the ones you will find at Vault Concrete.

In the old days, one would use a Jack Hammer to plow through a concrete wall, but as you can imagine, it left a tremendous mess and made the messy removal of debris a longer process than it needed to be.

The modernized process is not only cleaner but more attractive, leaving only smooth and attractive finishes behind. There are many methods of concrete cutting, but today we will focus on our fan favorite, Wall Sawing.

As everyone in the construction industry knows and DIY’ers soon find out, when you need to cut openings for doors or windows, you will need professionals who can saw through that concrete wall. In the cases of those two examples, those cuts could be anywhere between 12″ and 24″ thick which is done through the process of wall sawing.

A wall saw attaches to a track on the wall that needs cutting. The cuts are made by ¬†sometimes as large as 30″ so that it can cut a 12″ piece of concrete straight through. The reality is this is a difficult skill performed by experienced professionals like the ones you will find at Vault Concrete.

Wall Sawing is also the ideal process for foundation work. There are times when a project requires lowering foundation elevations and in some cases removing entire foundations or retaining walls. As you can imagine, this is more complicated for the DIY’er, so before you embarks on this type of project, it would be wise to consult with a professional, discuss your project and get an estimate.