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Concrete Cutting & Core Drilling, what to look for.

Concrete Cutting Diamond Blade Sales, What to look for.

Concrete Cutting Diamond Blade Sales, What to look for.

When dealing with Concrete Cutting, core drilling, and construction services, you need to be careful to hire a reputable service company with experienced professionals and is known for being reliable and providing quality work.

There are many aspects that need attention. In the following post, we talk about how to hire the best concrete cutters and core drillers. Hopefully, this information will help select the right service for your project.

Elements of a Concrete Cutting Service


Experience in the field counts. A good concrete cutting service provides experienced workers who have skill and knowledge in the field who understand how to use the proper equipment and resolve issues faster because they have the foresight to prevent them in the first.


For a job well done, you need premium quality concrete cutting equipment and the proper diamond blades. You can hire a professional for the work but if not supported by quality equipment, they may not be able to complete the job without hassle.


Concrete cutting is a job that requires focus and ultimate safety precautions. A quality concrete cutting service provider will be authorized through OSHA. This proves that the workers are trained and know about safe work practices.

Elements of a Good Core Driller

The Right Drill

A professional core driller has the expertise to choose the right drill. He will be able to inspect your project and determine what type of drill will work best. Make sure that you are not hiring just handymen but a quality service that provides core drillers equipped with this knowledge.

Inspection of the Drill

Professionals in the field of core drilling invest time in preparing for a particular job. Their main tool is the drill so initial inspection is required. A professional will determine that the drill is unplugged while the heck it for an intact vacuum seal, clean of excess oil and apply lubrication. They will also ensure that the drill is fully assembled before starting work.

Safe Work Practice

Professional core drillers are trained in safe work practices. They are required to use leather gloves and remove loose clothing. They are warned against getting their fingers too close to the drill in order to avoid serious injuries. Moreover, professionals have knowledge about using drills within their capacity. They are not allowed to work roughly or force the machine to break its functioning limits. When you a hire a core driller, make sure that they are well-trained in the above-mentioned details.

At Vault Concrete, we take care of the above aspects of the concrete cutter and core drilling service. For us using high-quality equipment and ensuring safe work practices are priorities. Equipment is regularly inspected for any damage and maintained for quality functioning. Workers are trained in multiple health and safety standards required by OSHA. We are also dedicated to completing your projects within time and without compromising on quality.  Concert Vault has offered services to hundreds of clients regardless of new, small or big projects.